The best Castles You Must Visit in France:

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5 Castles You Must Visit in France: 

The land of France has a rich history with fortified towns and picturesque castles. Due to constant European walls battlefield, France has most beautiful and impressive forts. Here are the top 5 castles that you should not miss while your visit to France.

  1. Mont Saint Michel:

Away from the coast of Normandy, the island has an impregnable Mont Saint Michel fortress from the ancient times. The town grabbed the attention of visitors in the 9th century and it became a destination for the pilgrims of Christian. Due to its unique position, the fort was also used as a prison to punish some troublesome enemies after the 15th century. But, the site is more attractive now due to more than 3 million tourists in a year.

  1. Chateau De Chambord:

The castle was built during the reign of monarch Francis I, in the 16th century and it took three years to complete the process of construction. But, the immense building was neglected and abandoned after the French Revolution. The castle is seen as the bountiful symbol of the ancient times. Now, the castle is the UNESCO world heritage site and it is among one of the most iconic castles in the world.

  1. Palace of Versailles:

Versailles is at the top of visiting destinations when it comes to visiting Paris. During Louis XIV reign, the castle became the power seat for French monarchy with every aspect of it designed to praise king glory. The Hall of Mirrors is situated within palace center and it was the site where the First World War was concluded formally.

  1. Carcassonne:

The amazing lavish Carcassonne is one of the most beautiful hilltop towns in France which is more than just a castle. The town holds a major role in Albigensian Crusade within the 13th  century. Due to the religious diversity and tolerant attitude, it was ensured that this town was attacked by crusade army over pop orders. The situation of the castle remained important as it is located in between the Spain and France.

  1. Chateau de Chenonceau:

Chenonceau is a second most visited castle in France due to its nestling on Cher River. The castle was highly bombarded by the allies and Germans at Second World War time and so, it was reconstructed after the war. The castle also carries lavish museum with classic paintings and fine decorations.